EZ Rentals Terms and Conditions


  • Supply of Rental Appliances (“the appliance”) in good working order.
  • Delivery and installation of the appliance to laundry conversion taps supplied by the Customer (“the Hirer”).
  • Any maintenance and repairs to the appliance for electrical and mechanical faults caused by fair wear and tear.
  • If the Hirer changes their address EZR will move the appliances free of charge within our delivery area (A delivery fee may be charged for periods of three months or less or for multiple moves).
  • The collection of the appliance upon completion of the rental period.


  • Minimum rental period of 3 months unless previously arranged. If terminated prior to 3 months, short-term rental rates will apply.
  • If applicable, new stock is subject to a minimum rental period of 6 months unless previously arranged. If terminated prior to 6 months, short-term rental rates will apply.
  • EZ Rentals charges a $20 administration fee when renewing short term rentals.
  • All Standard Rental Agreements (more than 3 months) are to be paid strictly by Direct Debit. Failure to comply will result in termination of the Rental Agreement and collection of any appliances.
  • EZ Rentals retain the right to pick up all goods if a Direct Debit is not in place. Any unpaid Direct Debit payments will incur a $10 administration fee added to the next due payment. ANZ 01-0295-0083965-00
  • If payments are not paid within 14 days of the due date, EZR’s debt collection agents may charge a fee equal to 10% of the unpaid portion of the amount due and any other legal and collection costs not covered by the fee. EZR estimates the minimum fee will be $60.
  • If the Hirer is not on-site during delivery or collection EZR retains the right to charge a $25 reschedule fee.
  • If EZR changes the time, date, or delivery details without informing the Hirer, then the Hirer will not be charged the $25 reschedule fee.
  • Should the Rental Agreement be transferred (“Takeover”) where the Hirer transfers their ownership of the Rental Agreement to a new Hirer (“New Hirer”) the New Hirer is deemed to have agreed to these terms and to have accepted the appliance in the condition it was at the “Takeover” and accepts the condition of the appliance as per the previous rental agreement. The new Hirer must complete replacement documentation.
  • The original hirer remains liable under the Rental Agreement until replacement documentation is completed by the new Hirer.
  • EZR holds the right to decline any delivery should EZR reasonably believe that the environment for delivery is unsuitable or unsafe for EZR staff.
  • EZR has the right to cancel any Hire Agreement and collect all hired appliances at any time should the Hirer breach the terms of Hire Agreement.
  • The Hirer must provide EZR two (2) alternative contact details for themselves and the contact details for the property manager and landlord (if any).
  • The Hirer will reimburse EZR for the cost of repairs or for the replacement cost of the appliance if theft, loss or damage occurs outside the agreed terms.
  • To prevent the possibility of water damage EZR advise that laundry conversion taps should be turned off when the machine is not in use.
  • We accept no liability for flooding.
  • Under no circumstances is the Customer to move the appliances without contacting EZR.
  • The Hirer will ensure that the appliance is not abused and is returned in a clean condition.
  • Under no circumstances is the customer to make any modifications or additions to the appliances without contacting EZR
  • The Hirer will contact EZR upon the completion of rental period to arrange for the return of the appliance.
  • Any over-payments made will be refunded without interest.  Dishonored payments fees are not EZR’s responsibility.
  • Under the Privacy Act we do not allow filming any Staff Member or Agent of EZR without express written permission.
  • If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is unenforceable, illegal or incompatible with the Terms and Conditions described above, then this will not affect the legality or enforceability of any other clause or part of all Terms and Conditions.


That for the purposes of the Privacy Act (I July 1996), I hereby authorise any person or company to provide EZR with such information as it may require in response to its credit enquiries. I further authorise EZR to furnish to any third party, details of this application and any subsequent details that I may have with EZR as a result of this application being accepted by EZR. That the appliance remains irrevocably the property of EZR and that my failure to truthfully meet the terms of trade constitutes a breach of this agreement. This agreement permits EZR or its debt collection agent to enter the premises for the sole purpose of uplifting EZR appliances at my expense without further notice.


    We would appreciate as much notice as possible – 5 days or more would be brilliant. If you are moving please DO NOT move our appliances or electronics yourselves. We will provide a Free Service for this, as you will be responsible for any damage/s.
    Must be used with a suitable Front Loader LIQUID DETERGENT which has low suds. Widely available in supermarkets.
    We reserve the right to terminate the contract and collect our appliances.
    We aim to repair or replace Fridges and Freezers within 48 hours. Other Appliances we request a few days to organise a repair technician, or we will swap it if necessary.
    In order to receive your bond back the fridge needs to be spotlessly clean and should look like it did when it was first delivered. Please ONLY USE WASHING UP LIQUID SOAPY WATER AND SOFT CLOTH – NO CHEMICALS OR SCOURING PADS. Please remove the plastic strips on the glass shelves as food gets in there – we need to be reimbursed for any broken shelves. And finally, please ensure all the bits and pieces are returned to the fridge after washing as things do get left out by accident! If you don’t have time to clean it we are more than happy to do it as cleaning a fridge properly is quite a time consuming task!
  • GST Domestic customers – our prices include gst.
  • Business/Commercial customers – gst invoices are available on request.

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