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17 Litre
$11.00 per week

Protect your home and furnishings from harmful mould, dust mites and other potential allergens.
The hard-working F-YCL17N quietly removes up to 17 litres of excess moisture every day. Dehumidifying Capacity (Temperature 30?, Humidity 80%)(L/Day): 17 Litres/Day
Full Capacity of Tank (L): 4.8L

EZ Rentals - Appliance Rentals


32L 1100w
$6.00 per week

H310 x W525 x D388mm

EZ Rentals - Appliance Rentals

Vacuum Cleaner

Latest model from Denmark
$9.00 per week

The Select Comfort is light, easily portable with front and top handles and has excellent suction power. Plus it looks great!

H1050 x W560 x D560mm

The  Fisher & Paykel top loader washing machine has five different wash cycles to suit a variety of fabric types.

  • SmartDrive™ technology for a quiet and reliable wash
  • Five wash cycles including Allergy, Easy Iron and Handwash
  • 5.5kg capacity
  • White

EZ Rentals - Appliance Rentals

Breville Coffee Machine

Duo-temp pro

$14.95 per week
Brand New!

Easy to clean
Automatically cools the heating system after steaming

Small compact and stylish!
Perfect for coffee lovers
Minimum 3 month rental period

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Gaming Console

Sony Play Station
PS4 Slim 1TB Console
$22.00 per week (Minimum 6 month rental)

EZ Rentals stock the latest Sony gaming consoles so that you can experience the fun and excitement of gaming in your own home – call us today to book!

Free delivery and installation

Key features:

  • New look, slimmer PS4
  • Incredibly vivid, vibrant colours with breathtaking HDR visuals
  • Organise your games and apps and share with friends from a new intuitive interface
  • Store your games, apps, screenshots and videos with 500GB and 1TB options
  • Super connected console
  • The freedom to play, share and socialise with your gaming world

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Sound Bar

Sound System
$22.00 per week

The Panasonic sound bar lets you enjoy a cinema-like experience at home with rich and dynamic sound, featuring 5.1 channel surround sound.

We also have the slightly smaller SC-HTB488GN available, inquire for availability and pricing.

Front speaker 950 x 55 x 120mm
Subwoofer 180 x 378 x 303mm

  • 5.1 channel high-quality sound system
  • Versatile multi-room playback of music sources
  • Smart networking, wi-fi, bluetooth, allplay etc
  • Speaker system, easily operated with HDMI output and input

EZ Rentals - Appliance Rentals

Home Theatre

$13.00 per week

H000 x W000 x D000mm

  • HDMI
  • iPod docks/Aux in.

EZ Rentals - Appliance Rentals

DVD Player

$5.00 per week

H000 x W000 x D000mm

EZ Rentals - Appliance Rentals

Wireless Hi-Fi System

Urban Audio SC – UA7E
$21.00 per week

This Airquake Bass HiFi system creates an expansive 180 degree room filling sound within its high technical specifications – the ultimate in sophistication!

Key features:

  • Smart Networking
  • Sylish design
  • Expansive sound

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